Mashel Falls


Safe access to Mashel Falls is found in three locations:


  1. The Bud Blanchard Trailhead-480 Weyerhaeuser Rd South, Eatonville

    Access to the fall area from this trialhead is approximately 2 miles (4 miles round trip)

  2. Smallwood Park-436th ST E, Eatonville- 1 miles (2 miles Round trip)

  3. Pack Forest Trailhead- 9010 453rd ST E, Eatonville- 2.2 miles (4.4 miles round trip)


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STAY ON DESIGNATED TRAILS ONLY. The falls are a dangerous place and has been the site of several serious injuries and fatalities.


Access from the unauthorized parking area off of Alder Cutoff Road is PROHIBITED.


There are several reasons for this permanent closure:


  • There are no designated and maintained trails in this area which makes this area dangerous. Several injuries and fatalities have resulted from visitors leaving designated trails
  • Accessing the falls from this locations requires visitors to trespass on Tacoma Public Utilities property
  • There are no public restrooms or garbage service. The area accumulates a significant amount of waste