Research Application

If you are interested in developing a research project at Pack Forest, please review our application and agreement form. Feel free to contact us for more information at


Pack Forest offers a unique environment in which faculty, staff, students and working professionals can teach, study, conduct research and demonstrate modern forest management.


Research opportunities are not restricted to forestry. Other schools and colleges are encouraged to use the forest in their programs. The Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest provides for staff support to be available to most institutions. The security of the forest, its support from the local community, permanent staff, and the long term stability in management are some of the major advantages Pack Forest offers to a research project.


There are presently a number of research projects in progress at Pack Forest, including short-term evaluations of tree spacing and growth, forest amphibian response to landscape vegetation patterns, and long-term (50+ years) evaluations of the effects of pruning on wood quality. Current and past projects range from personal graduate student experiments to the multi-million dollar municipal biosolids utilization project jointly undertaken with METRO of Seattle and the Department of Ecology. This includes three major cooperative projects, one dealing with the response to different fertilizing and thinning regimes, another dealing with the effect of spacing on growth yield and quality, and the third dealing with yields from plantations established with progeny from superior parents.


Demonstrations at Pack Forest aim to link the practical findings of research to the every-day world of operations. Results are typically made available to the general public, industry, and forest landowners. Records of these undertakings are maintained so that ongoing information, updated as technology changes occur, can continue to be distributed.